Active Philanthropy partners with leading individuals and families throughout Europe to foster meaningful and lasting impact.

We have recently restructured the portfolio of Active Philanthropy and our consulting arm Beyond Philanthropy, and moved advisory and project management services for individuals and families, which had been housed at Beyond Philanthropy, over to Active. From now on Active’s portfolio will include not just workshops, expeditions and other meetings for philanthropists and social investors, but also a range of advisory and project management services. For Active’s consulting and project management services, please visit our new site.


If you have a strong desire to make the greatest possible impact with all of your resources, you can find tools and best practices, and network with peers and experts, at Active Philanthropy.

Our expeditions, workshops, roundtables and publications help you develop an understanding of complex issues and what you can do as a philanthropist and social investor.

Money is not the only resource that can make an impact, and in many cases it is not the most important one. Professional experience, contacts and passion for a cause can be much more important if you want to create change.

Active Philanthropy is a charitable platform financed by private donations from a number of individuals and families from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium. This makes us a trusted partner as it guarantees our complete independence from banks, investment advisers and non-governmental organisations. Our sole commitment is to the people who use our platform. We want to help them to achieve the maximum environmental and social impact with their investments. Their money can and should have a purpose – not least for the donors themselves.

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Homeless children in inner-city Frankfurt, former convicts in the UK, training courses for teachers in your home town, or saving orang-utans in the rainforests of Borneo? Think about what you are or could be passionate about. It’s worth it!


We work with leading individuals and families in Europe. They expect their money to do more than sit in the bank and increase in value. And they don’t want to just give it away. They want to make a difference – strategically and sustainably. That is why they become active philanthropists and social investors, who give with their heads, their hearts and their hands. We want to help them to achieve the maximum environmental and social impact with their investments.


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or call us +49 30 240 88 240.