Since our founding in 2006, we have always believed that achieving impact quietly is more important than spending time blowing our own trumpet. However, examples sometimes help to see whether one of our offerings could be useful to you, so here are some cases from our consulting work.


NextGen Family Foundation

We designed and implemented a foundation strategy, based on an analysis of diverse funding areas and including the identification and selection of a portfolio of grantees.

The clients were two NextGens who established a foundation to represent the family’s giving activities in 2016. Their aims were to strengthen social skills among children and to extend regional support to young deprived families.

We researched and analysed these areas and identified best practices and funding opportunities. We also linked our clients to other funders and stakeholders and facilitated meetings and discussions with them.

As a result, together with local public authorities, our clients will implement a new programme for mentally ill parents in their home region. In addition, a whole portfolio of projects will support social and emotional learning programmes for children across the country.

Ingvild Goetz Philanthropy

We developed and implemented a philanthropic strategy on behalf of a private client, focusing on two areas where funding has been scarce.

Ingvild Goetz is a leading German art collector with a long-term philanthropic track record focusing on “neglected” topics such as eating disorders and supporting asylum seekers.

After selling several works of art to create a dedicated fund for her philanthropic activities, Ingvild Goetz asked us to conduct in-depth research to identify approaches that would leverage the donations she had already made and design a 10-year funding strategy.

Based on the funding strategy we developed, we set up a comprehensive portfolio of grants in cooperation with Ingvild Goetz, which we are currently managing on her behalf. This included selecting potential grantees, carrying out due diligence on a shortlist, and setting up funding frameworks, as well as establishing reporting guidelines in cooperation with the grantees. We now work closely with the grantees to help them create the biggest impact possible with the grants. This includes facilitating multiple partnerships with key stakeholders and other organisations working in the same area as well as support with a range of strategic issues.

Today, Ingvild Goetz Philanthropy has a clear focus on funding initiatives to prevent and treat eating disorders and to support the integration of refugees in Germany. With her funding strategy, Ingvild Goetz addresses funding gaps in the public sector, and at the same time cooperates with public sector actors on opportunities to close these gaps. Her flagship project in the area of eating disorders, Ninette, has reached hundreds of thousands of young adults and parents, and we are currently working on plans to transfer Ninette to other countries in Europe that are interested in adopting the model.

"As a private donor it is important to me to deploy my means with a strategic focus. The team has supported this process at all levels, from analysing funding gaps to actually supervising the projects I support. I very much appreciate our open and reliable cooperation." (Ingvild Goetz)

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