Field Sessions are short expeditions that help you become a more effective donor and investor. We take to the streets and learn by doing – together with experienced peers, veteran social entrepreneurs, and social startups that are ready to reinvent the world. Get your hands dirty and experience social change up-close!

Field Sessions are geared especially towards newcomers interested in joining the field of giving and social investing. It is our aim to equip you with the knowledge and practice to use a full spectrum of approaches to work towards change. We will explain the fundamentals, relationships and value chain of philanthropy and impact investing as well as giving you an overview of peer-to-peer networks and organisations that can support you as you continue on your own journey.



100% Impact: How to make change at every level
Zurich, dates forthcoming

Complete your skill set by learning how all of your investments can support social change. Allow yourself the time to experiment with a fictional portfolio based on real-life data, experiencing success and failure. Led by peers and experts in the field, you'll get a realistic understanding of how to work towards 100% impact.

Discuss your investment strategy with an impact fund champion.

Learn how to strike a balance between risk, return, and impact.

Get tips and inspiration through real-life case studies.

If you'd like to join us or for further information, please email Felicitas von Peter


or call us at +49 30 240 88 240.