Field Sessions are short expeditions that help you become a more effective donor and investor. We take to the streets and learn by doing – together with experienced peers, veteran social entrepreneurs, and social startups that are ready to reinvent the world. Get your hands dirty and experience social change up-close!

Field Sessions are geared especially towards newcomers interested in joining the field of giving and social investing. It is our aim to equip you with the knowledge and practice to use a full spectrum of approaches to work towards change. We will explain the fundamentals, relationships and value chain of philanthropy and impact investing as well as giving you an overview of peer-to-peer networks and organisations that can support you as you continue on your own journey. The next Field Session will take place in February in Zurich.


100 % Impact: How to make change at every level
Zurich, February 21/22, 2019


Learn how all of your investments can support social change. Led by peers and experts from the field, you'll get a realistic understanding of how to work towards 100 % impact ‑ and align your investments with your philanthropic involvement:

  • Get inspired by Mareike van Oosting, a Social Impact Expert and CSR Manager with extensive experience in impact investing and philanthropy. Among others, she is working with Impact Hub Munich and the BMW Foundation. Learn about the pros and cons about different financing tools and the combination of them in order to create the change you want.
  • Meet inspiring funder Antonis Schwarz of the Guerilla Foundation, who will share his personal journey, his motivation, goals, and steps in developing a 100 % Impact Portfolio, ranging from philanthropy to sustainable investing.
  • Learn from Falko Paetzold, scientific director of the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth at the University of Zurich, how to select the advisors and wealth managers that can be partners on your journey. Falko is also co-head of the Intitiative for Responsible Investment, a Harvard and Zurich Universities co-led education programme on impact investing for next Generation wealth holders.
  • A Q&A between Peter Wüthrich, Head of Investment Consulting at the Zurich-based multi-family office VALUEworks, and a private impact investing client will give you an insight into the nuts and bolts of sustainable investing, and how to balance risk, return and impact.

If you'd like to join us or for further information, please email Felicitas von Peter


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