Berlin, December 2018

Active Philanthropy and Beyond Philanthropy to go their separate ways as their business areas become increasingly specialised


The sister organisations Active Philanthropy gGmbH and Beyond Philanthropy GmbH are reorganising and separating their business areas, which have become increasingly specialised over the years. The two organisations will go their own ways in the future.

Following the reorganisation and formal separation, Dr. Felicitas von Peter will lead the non-profit Active Philanthropy while Michael Alberg-Seberich will head Beyond Philanthropy. Beyond Philanthropy will be continued under a new name and with a modified focus.

Over the past 11 years, Felicitas von Peter and Michael Alberg-Seberich have worked closely together and established Active Philanthropy and Beyond Philanthropy as co-managing directors. They have helped individuals and families, companies and foundations to maximise the impact of their social activities, each specialising in particular thematic areas.

In addition to advising foundations and companies on CSR, Michael Alberg-Seberich and his team will expand their involvement in the education sector. Felicitas von Peter will strengthen Active Philanthropy's commitment to sustainability by expanding its range of expeditions and opening them up for new target groups. In addition, Active Philanthropy will continue to support private clients in the development and implementation of their philanthropic activities.


Further information on Beyond Philanthropy:


Summer 2018

We have recently restructured the portfolio of Active and our consulting arm Beyond Philanthropy, and moved advisory and project management services for private clients, that had been housed at Beyond Philanthropy, over to Active. Active’s portfolio will hence include not just workshops, expeditions and other meetings for philanthropists and social investors, but also a range of advisory and project management services. For Active’s consulting and project management services, please visit our new site.


Our hallmark Expeditions remain popular and inspiring because they give participants an on-the-ground understanding of burning issues, foster meaningful exchanges with peers, and provide invaluable insights from experts. So we are sticking to this formula by offering a new calendar of expeditions—big and small. In addition to our trips to Greenland, we are currently exploring new destinations as well as possibilities to repeat successful trips such as to the Amazon, Botswana or Iceland.

We also invite you to join us for a Field Session—short learning experiences that combine the best of giving and investing.


Our next expedition to Greenland will take place in April 2019. If you would like to join or need further information, please email Dr. Felicitas von Peter (vonpeter(at) oder or call us (+49 30 240 88 240).


Field Sessions are short expeditions that help you become a more effective donor or investor. We'll take to the streets and learn by doing – together with experienced peers, veteran social entrepreneurs, and social startups that are ready to re-invent the world. Get your hands dirty and experience social change up-close.

Our next session will take place this autumn in Zurich:

100% Impact: How to make change at every level
Dates forthcoming, Zurich

Complete your skill set by learning how all of your investments can support social change. Allow yourself the time to test, fail, and experiment with a fictional portfolio based on real-life data. Led by peers and experts in the field, you'll get a realistic understanding of how to work towards 100% impact.

  • Discuss your investment strategy with an impact fund champion.
  • Learn how to strike a balance between risk, return, and impact.
  • Get tips and inspiration through real-life case studies.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any further questions and comments about out activities.


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